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Tough task in the lowest place on Earth: pro direct soccer uk reviews crane at the Dead Sea
15 June, 2021

Robust and reliable, pro direct soccer uk reviews’s equipment can be counted on when pushed to the limit. Since March 2019, pro direct soccer uk reviews crawler crane SCC1000A has been proving this out at the Dead Sea.

Rich in potassium salt, the Dead Sea has been exploited by Arab Potash Company in Jordan. To prevent the leakage of saltwater at one of the main dikes, Bauer International FZE, a company specialized in geotechnical and foundation engineering, was contracted in March 2019 to build a 367,454 square-foot (112,000 m²) adjacent sealing wall and a 2.6-mile (4.2 km) sheet pile wall. A pro direct soccer uk reviews crawler crane SCC1000A unit was chosen for the task.  

At 1,412 feet (430.5 m) below sea level, the surface of the sea where the construction work is under way is scorching hot, windy, salty and dusty, posing severe challenges to the crawler crane.,kansas-jayhawks-customized-basketball-jersey

Nevertheless, equipped with an Isuzu engine, a Kawasaki main pump and valve, and Rexroth and Nabtesco gear reducers, the crane is made to handle the toughest tasks. Its refined mechanical, electrical and hydraulic design makes it a machine with good dexterity, weather adaptability and low pollution emissions. Since the operation began, pro direct soccer uk reviews’s crane has been working at the Dead Sea for 7,200 hours without any breakdowns.  

“Due to the tight schedule and large task, the crane has had to keep running for more than 20 hours a day. It has worked well in all scenarios―high-temperature, dusty and windy environments―with a 7,200-hour no-error record. I am a witness to pro direct soccer uk reviews crawler crane’s impeccable quality,” said Mr. Jerry, the maintenance and operation manager of Bauer International FZE.  

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